"HIPA" is pronounced "hee pa" - but why the "LIFE" extension? No particular reason, "heepa life" sounded nice - so I went with it ! 🙂

HIPA.Life is a fundamentally a membership based 1-to-1 video chat assistance platform.

HIPA stands for 'Home-based Interactive Professional Assistance' where members (Clients) can consult other members (Providers) offering their expertise via 1-to-1 video chat sessions.

Providers create Offers and set a 'Session Fee' based on 30-min time slots. Time slots are set via a Provider's availability calendar.

Charge what you want - work only when you want to!


Our Vision is that within 5 years, HIPA.Life will become one of the top international platforms where members from anywhere in the world can derive a realistic income by offering their expertise to other members via 1-to-1 video sessions from the comfort of home.

We envision to have a membership base of 50 million people worldwide, whose craving for expert knowledge will be supported by an ever-growing pool of professionals from all over the world, with expertise in various fields being offered in multiple languages.



Our Mission is to create a platform that connects a pool of knowledge holders with varying expertise to global members seeking professional assistance online.

Providers include teachers, career advisers, medical experts, digital nomads, marketers, bloggers, recruitment agents, real estate agents, astrologers, chefs, artists, as well as mentors and consultants in various fields.

The HIPA.Life Program empowers every member to easily generate a passive income by referring others to the platform.

A fully automated marketing system is available to assist every member refer others and be rewarded for it. However, participation in the referral program is totally optional.