Our Vision is that within 5 years, HIPA.Life will become the #1 international platform offering the ultimate in 'Learn and Earn' business opportunity where members can derive a realistic and long term passive income with very little effort.

We envision to have a membership base of 50 million people worldwide whose craving for new and trending knowledge will be supported by an ever-growing digital vault of e-books and video courses in multiple languages.

We also envision that our members will be able to live 'The Freedom Lifestyle', enjoying 'Financial Freedom', 'Location Freedom', and 'Time Freedom', and living their lives to the fullest, each and every day!



Founder - Dr Bill Lim


Dr. Bill Lim
Founder of HIPA.Life


The Freedom Lifestyle
Learn and Earn platform


Our Mission is to create a platform that provides easy and unlimited access to a collection of world class content that will benefit our target audience at various stages of their progress;.

This includes those just starting out to seasoned entrepreneurs and marketers alike.

All that is required is an internet connection!

The HIPA.Life Program's primary objective is to provide the means for any average individual to easily create a real passive income online.

It also provides the opportunity for highly motivated individuals to build a substantial network and earning massive long-term passive income from their efforts.

Unlike most programs that seem to collapse within 12-16 months, our H.I.P System of Compensation has been designed so that networks do not collapse.

In fact, our plan consolidates networks, and thus contributing to a sustained business year after year.

With The HIPA.Life Program, you build your network and business once and enjoy it for a lifetime!



That's what it's all about!