HIPA.Life 2.0 is LIVE!

When the pandemic hit us and everyone went into lockdown, I knew right away that big changes were ahead. Everything from how we live our lives to how we do business in the age of the pandemic will be very different – there were no doubts about it.

With everyone staying at home and with many losing their jobs and income, I decided that it was timely for me to revamp the HIPA.Life platform to adapt to the new way of doing business for the foreseeable future. The idea of a 1-to-1 video platform came about as I observed and made notes of who would be affected by this pandemic and how the right technology could help alleviate all the associated problems caused by the pandemic.

Needless to say, I ended up with a very long list including those involved in education, consulting, medical, coaching, mentoring, tutoring, training, etc – almost every field you can think of would be affected and every single one of them had one thing in common – physical face-to-face meetings which now pose a huge risk to their health!

And yet, all these problems can be overcome if there is a platform where people can book to speak with someone via 1-to-1 live video chat to discuss their problems or needs and the expert provider would then provide the service and charge for their service at a rate set by them. People could stay home, be safe, and still make money during a lockdown!

Yes there are several free video chat services out there including Zoom, Skype, etc but NONE of them offer the user a way to build an online business – you can chat with your friends and your family for free and you can chat until the cows come home – but you will NOT earn anything form doing that. There needs to be a platform where you get paid for chatting to those seeking your expertise. This platform would be a platform that would effectively convert your time into money!

And that was exactly what I did – I revamped HIPA.Life to have that exact capability! It took months of development and testing and the new platform is finally here and I am extremely excited to see what offers will be created by our members in the coming weeks and months. It is now safe for everyone to work and earn from home – no mask required!

Every single person will have certain knowledge or expertise that someone else out there is looking for. It could be anything – just think back to when someone asked you for help to do something or sought your advice or opinion about a product or service – well, that’s knowledge and experience which you can now charge for!

Some categories / topics where you may well be able to create an offer for include (but not limited to) the following…


Apart from creating offers based on your knowledge and expertise, HIPA.Life also offer you handsome rewards if you refer others to join the platform. As this is strictly a membership subscription based site, only Active Members with a valid subscription will be entitled to earn these referral rewards. In view of the current economy and hardship felt by so many, I deliberately kept the annual membership subscription low @ just USD 24 / year so that literally everyone can afford to join.

If you are an Active Member and you refer a new subscriber, you will earn the 50% Member Referral Bonus of USD 12. Successfully refer 2 and your own membership is free! Refer more to earn more – it’s simple math and we provide all the tools you need to promote your referral link and track it – again, all for free!

No matter who you refer – whether it is someone who joined to look for help or someone who joined to offer their expertise to others, you will earn additional referral bonuses when they either purchase a session or sell a session – you get to earn both ways! Nice huh? 🙂

I could go on and on but I think I have got your attention as to what HIPA.Life 2.0 can do for you and I invite you to join and sign up today and get your new online business going from the comfort of your home. Let’s beat this pandemic and overcome all the financial hardship it has caused us! In the meantime, if you do venture out – put that mask on and stay safe!