What does HIPA stand for?

HIPA stands for 'Home-based Interactive Professional Assistance'

What is HIPA.Life about?
HIPA.Life is a platform where Professionals with expert knowledge from anywhere in the world can offer live 1-to-1 video sessions to clients who wish to tap on their expertise. Providers set their own session rates and Clients pay the session fee when they book a session. A percentage of the session fee is deducted as the service fee.
Why should I consider joining HIPA.Life?

If you are an expert in any subject matter or have specialized knowledge or skill, you can offer your know-how to a global audience via 1-to-1 video sessions and earn a side-income from it. if you are a knowledge seeker, you have a huge base of international experts at your disposal. As a member, regardless of whether you are a Provider or a Client, you can also earn passive income by referring new members to join HIPA.Life.

Is HIPA.Life accessible via a mobile phone?

Yes absolutely! However, for best user experience, a laptop or desktop with a bigger viewing screen is preferable as the viewing screen on your mobile is very limited.


What is the HIPA.Life Membership?

In order to use the HIPA.Life platform, you must have a valid membership subscription. The HIPA.Life Membership Subscription is US$24 a year. When you are a member, you can then become either a Provider or a Client, or be both! Providers can create 1-to-1 video sessions to offer others and set individual session fees. Clients can book sessions offered by Providers and must pay the respective session fees stipulated. All members are eligible to participate in The HIPA.Life Program which pays referral fees to members who refer new members.

Are there different tiers in the Membership Subscription?

No there is only one Membership Subscription @ US$24 per year. Members who book sessions offered by Providers will still need to pay the Provider's Session Fees.

What software or equipment do I need to use the platform?

You do not need any special software at all. 1-to-1 video sessions simply require your web browser. Your device - preferably a laptop or desktop - must have a webcam and audio capabilities and you must have a reasonable internet connection to interact via the video chat.

Do Clients pay any other fees apart from a Provider's session fee?

When a session is booked, the Client pays only the session fee set by the Provider. There are no other hidden or extra charges.

What are the limits imposed on a Provider's session fee?

The minimum session fee a Provider can set = US$10 / 30 min. session. There is no limit imposed on the maximum.

How much does HIPA.Life deduct from a Provider's session fee?

HIPA.Life will take 30% of a Provider's session fee based on 30 min. sessions  If you set it to US$10 we will take US$3. If you set it to US$20 we will take US$6. These are per 30 min. sessions. If your Client books for 60 mins. @ US$20 / 30 mins. we will take a total of US$12 out of the total of US$40 paid by your client.


What is 'The HIPA.Life Program'?

The HIPA.Life Program is a referral program that pays lucrative referral fees to members who successfully refer others to join HIPA.Life. In order to grow our membership base, we can either spend a lot of money on advertising or in our case, we prefer not to spend all the money on advertising; we would rather spend that money by rewarding our own members who promote HIPA.Life and help us grow! This is why we created the program. Every member is qualified to promote HIPA.Life but it is optional - you do not have to promote or refer anyone if you don't want to, that's absolutely fine! There is no additional cost to anyone who wants to promote but the option is there for every member.

How do I participate in 'The HIPA.Life Program'?

When you join HIPA.Life by purchasing the annual Membership Subscription @ US$24 / year, you are automatically qualified to participate in 'The HIPA.Life Program'. There are NO additional monthly fees or any other hidden maintenance fees. As long as you have a valid membership subscription to HIPA.Life you are qualified! It's that simple. However, if you book a session with a Provider, you will need to pay the session fees charged by that Provider.

Do I have to participate in The HIPA.Life Program?

Of course not! When you join HIPA.Life, your primary objective is either to look for Professional assistance from Providers or to become a Provider. Although you are automatically qualified to participate in The HIPA.Life Program, you don't have to refer anyone or get involved if you are not interested to do so.

What referral bonuses can an Active Member earn by referring others?

An Active Member who refer new members can earn these 3 types of referral bonuses:

  1. Member Referral Bonus: when a member refers a New Member who pays the Annual Membership Fee of US$24, the referring member earns 50% or US$12 of that Annual Membership Fee.
  2. Referred Provider Session Bonus: if the referred member is a Provider, the referring member earns 3% (10% of 30% earned by HIPA.Life) of every session fee charged by the referred Provider.
  3. Referred Client Session Bonus: if the referred member is a Client, the referring member earns 3% (10% of 30% earned by HIPA.Life) of every session fee paid by the referred Client to a Provider.

There's no limit on the above passive income.

You must have an Active Membership to earn referral fees.

What happens to unpaid referral fees if my membership has expired?

If your membership has expired and you did not renew it, you are not entitled to earn referral fees and any unpaid referral fees will be forfeited. Please make sure your membership is active if you want to keep earning referral fees.

Is there a limit on how much referral fees that can be earned?

As long as the referral transactions are valid, there are no limits on how much you can earn! Only Active Members can earn referral fees.