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What does HIPA stand for?

HIPA stands for 'Horizontal Infinity Payout Accelerator'

What is HIPA.Life about?
HIPA.Life is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers who know that they must continuously educate themselves to keep up with the latest developments in various fields including I.T, business, internet marketing, social media, cryptocurrencies, or they will lag behind their competitors. The secret to long-term success is through life-long learning and with the technological advancements, e-Learning has become very relevant and in-demand to millions of people from all walks of life. HIPA.Life's heuristic approach allow busy individuals to learn at their own pace and convenience. Published content are short and to the point.
Why should I consider joining HIPA.Life?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a marketer and you are looking for a platform to learn how to achieve your personal success goals, then HIPA.Life is for you! If, like most entrepreneurs, you are also looking for a simple and viable opportunity to make money online then HIPA.Life is designed precisely to help you generate a long-term passive income simply by referring others.

Is HIPA.Life accessible via a mobile phone?

Yes absolutely! However, for best viewing experience of the published content, a laptop or desktop with a bigger viewing screen is preferable as the viewing screen on your mobile is very limited.


What are HIPA.Life's products?

HIPA.Life offers top quality info-products in the form of page-turning ebooks and videos.

How do I access content in the Digital Vault?

To access the content in the Digital Vault, you must login with valid credentials. To have valid credentials, you must have a valid Membership Subscription to HIPA.Life

What is the HIPA.Life Membership?

In order to access the content in HIPA.Life's Digital Vault, you must have a valid membership subscription. The HIPA.Life Membership Subscription is $150 a year and it grants you unlimited access 24/7 for 365 days. You must login to the member's area with your account's login credentials to access the content in the digital vault.

Are there different tiers in the Membership Subscription?

No there is only one Membership Subscription @ $150 per year and that's it! There are no ridiculously higher tiered membership levels that cost thousands or tens of thousands - we keep it simple, realistic and affordable and everyone has the same option no matter where you are in the world.

What software do I need to view the content in the Digital Vault?

You do not need any special software at all. Content is viewed using your web browser. For best viewing experience, you need to have FLASH installed and enabled. If FLASH is not installed or enabled, the content will be served in HTML5 format. However, you must have an internet connection and be online to view the content.


What is 'The HIPA.Life Program'?

The HIPA.Life Program is a referral program that pays lucrative bonuses to members who successfully refer others to join HIPA.Life. In order to grow our membership base, we can either spend a lot of money on advertising or in our case, we prefer not to spend all the money on advertising; we would rather spend that money by rewarding our own members who promote HIPA.Life and help us grow! This is why we created the program. Every member is qualified to promote HIPA.Life but it is optional - you do not have to promote or refer anyone if you don't want to, that's absolutely fine! There is no additional cost to anyone who wants to promote but the option is there for every member.

How do I participate in 'The HIPA.Life Program'?

When you join HIPA.Life by purchasing the annual Membership Subscription @ $150 / year, you are automatically qualified to participate in 'The HIPA.Life Program'. There are NO additional monthly fees or any other hidden maintenance fees. As long as you have a valid membership subscription to HIPA.Life you are qualified! It's that simple.

Do I have to participate in The HIPA.Life Program?

Of course not! When you join HIPA.Life, your primary objective is to be able to access our Digital Vault. Although you are also automatically qualified to participate in The HIPA.Life Program, you don't have to refer anyone or get involved if you are not interested to do so. Just enjoy the content in our Digital Vault!

Why is the membership validity expressed as valid for 365 days instead of 1 year?

Membership validity is expressed as 365 days instead of 1 year to prevent any confusion if it is a leap year which has 366 days. The 365-DAD Bonus is paid for 365 days only.

What referral bonuses are paid to qualified members?

The primary bonuses (where applicable) are paid as follows:

  1. The Instant Bonus: $20
  2. The Equalizer Bonus: $90
  3. The 365-DAD Bonus: $0.25 per day for 365 days

You must have an Active Membership to earn bonuses.

For details, please refer to The HIPA.Life Program presentation.

What happens to unpaid bonuses if my membership has expired?

If your membership has expired and you did not renew it, any unpaid bonuses will be forfeited and passed up to HIPA.Life.

Is there a limit on how much bonus that can be earned?

As long as the referral transactions are valid, there are no limits on how much you can earn!