Before you decide to join ‘The HIPA.Life Program’, please read the following in full to understand the risks, variables and factors that can affect the eventual outcome of your decision to join.


HIPA makes no indication, guarantee, implications, promises, assurances, suggestions, predictions, projections, or representations in any way whatsoever with regards to your potential future earnings or that you will earn any money at all after you join ‘The HIPA.Life Program’ and we have not authorized anyone in any capacity to make any claims or presentations in any manner whatsoever.

Illustrations of earnings and income potential are purely estimates and no assurances are given that your personal future income will match any of the examples that may be presented on HIPA.Life.

All income or earnings that may be presented here are merely examples and are NOT to be considered or interpreted as ‘average’ income, or expected income, or common or typical income that can be achieved by anyone who joins the program. Even testimonials by any members should NOT be taken as achievable income or ‘average’ income that you can expect to achieve. Any success achieved by any other member should NOT be taken to imply that you too can achieve the same level of success and HIPA gives no guarantees that you will be successful. If you choose to rely on the indication of other’s prior success as an indication of your future potential success, you have to accept all the risks associated with your decision and accept that you may not achieve the same result as anyone else. If you choose to rely on our illustrated examples and figures, you also do so entirely at your own risk, and you accept all risk and consequences associated with such a reliance.


As with any business endeavor, there is no way to guarantee or predict the level of success that can be achieved. Too many factors and variables can affect the outcome. Your success will depend on many factors including your personal efforts, your dedication, your continuous motivation and drive and your business skills. HIPA does not guarantee success in any way whatsoever and if you join ‘The HIPA.Life Program’, do not assume that you will achieve any level of success at all. The success of others cannot be taken as an indication of your personal future success. As with starting any business, there are numerous risks involved and you should do your own due diligence to assess the viability of the business and then create your own business plan. It is highly advisable for you to seek the help and advice of professionals in making your decision if you lack the appropriate skills.