What is ‘The Freedom Lifestyle’?


Primarily it means living a dream life where you have total financial freedom and therefore never have to worry about not having any money ever again. It also means that you have the freedom of location and can be based anywhere in the world or be travelling the world all the time – the choice is yours! And lastly, it also means that you have total freedom of time – you work whenever you want – no more 9-to-5 – no boss – no office!

Is ‘The Freedom Lifestyle’ for real?

Sounds wonderful right? BUT is it real and is it achievable?  The short answer is YES!!! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people all over the world who are already living this lifestyle with many more on their way to achieving a similar lifestyle.

The Freedom Lifestyle

However, the journey is not exactly a walk in the park. It requires knowledge, commitment, and consistent daily efforts for a sustained period before you will see any positive results. If you have a reasonable budget for the business, your chances of success will be greatly enhanced.

So what is ‘the business’ that can set you up towards achieving ‘The Freedom Lifestyle’? Now, what we are talking about here is something that the average person can afford and can achieve with the proper guidance. It’s not a KFC or McDonald’s franchise!

‘The Business’ is your own internet business! There is no better time to start an internet business than right now. All aspects of starting an internet business has become very affordable and literally anyone can start one these days.

The problem is knowing how to do it right from the get-go! Get it wrong and you will end up wasting a tonne of money you don’t really have. You will also waste a lot of precious time.

Making money online with your own internet business is NOT easy! Yeah yeah yeah I know all about the gurus peddling their courses and books. They all make it sound like you will become an internet success literally overnight. That is just a huge blatant lie!

Types of Internet Business

There are primarily two types of internet business. One where you sell physical products and the other where you sell digital products. Within each of these two types, there are various sub-niches as well.

For example, if you are in the digital marketplace, popular niches include Internet Marketing, Health & Wellness, Online Dating, etc. Each niche has further sub-niches. Example: Email Marketing is a sub-niche of Internet Marketing.

The digital info-products market is a huge market and it is still growing. You don’t even need to have your own products in order to get into that business. Simply join an affiliate network like ClickBank or JVZoo or a CPA network like MaxBounty or Advidi and start promoting other people’s products.

You earn a referral fee when your referred traffic converts into a sale. This is how affiliate marketing works. The startup cost is minimal.

You can start by setting up a blog and then start posting blog articles in specialized niches. You insert your affiliate links within the blog posts. When someone clicks the link, they end up on the vendor’s site. If they make a purchase, you earn the affiliate commission offered by the vendor!

Traffic is the BIGGEST problem

However, the biggest problem will be traffic. How will you get people to the affiliate offers you are promoting? To earn a decent amount of affiliate commission, the blog must attract a substantial amount of traffic and getting traffic is hard work!

So, if you have some advertising budget available, you can invest some money on Facebook Ads to drive targeted traffic to your blog. If you manage to make more than you are spending, well, you are now really in business! All you need to do is to repeat what you did and scale it up!

Are you a newbie or still struggling on your internet business journey? If you are, I strongly urge you to consider an easier path than the one you are on. It is not only affordable but one that can lead to a long-term sustainable passive income.

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