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@  $150 / YEAR

(= < $0.50 / day)



Unlimited Access to the Digital Vault

- unlimited access to all eBooks (Value: > $7,000)

- unlimited access to all video courses (Value: > $3,000) 

- with more content added regularly to add even more value

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Unlimited Download of Website Templates

- ready-made website templates (Value: > $2,000)

- establish a web presence quickly with your own blog/website

- various designs to choose from and regularly updated

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Unlimited Download of PLRs and MRRs

- ready-made PLR / MRR eBooks / videos (Value: > $2,000)

- keep 100% of all sales from your own blog/website

- new content are regularly added for variety and added-value

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FREE Participation in 'The HIPA.Life Program' to Earn Referral Bonuses below:

- Instant Bonus ($20/direct referral)

- Equalizer Bonus ($90)

- 365 DAD Bonus ($0.25/day for 365 days)

- Annual Renewal Travel Bonus ($0.25 x Active DLs)***

- Annual Renewal Car Bonus ($1.00 x Active DLs)***

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FREE Marketing Automation System

- Built-in Sales Funnel (Value: $100/mth)

- Built-in Landing Pages (Value: $50/mth)

- Built-in Lead Capture Pages (Value: $100/mth)

- Built-in Sales Page including Sales Video (Value: $500)

- Built-in Email Campaign (Value: $50/mth)







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*** Active DLs refer to the previous year's active members in your downline network.



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HIPA.Life offers only top quality info-products in the form of 3D page-turning ebooks and videos created specifically for aspiring entrepreneurs, internet marketers, and anyone seeking to achieve their personal and business goals.

Instead of having to purchase individual ebooks or video courses in various niches from different vendors, HIPA.Life's comprehensive digital vault gives you everything under one roof!

We know your time is precious and therefore content we publish are both concise and precise without wasting any of it.

Click an image on the right to view a sample publication. For best viewing experience, please make sure Flash is installed and enabled.

The digital vault, accessible with a paid membership, holds premium content in various categories including but not limited to the following:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Passive Income
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Self-Improvement
  • Motivation
  • Relationships
  • Business & Finance
  • Leadership & Influence
  • Health & Wellness
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Food & Beverage
  • Games & Entertainment
  • Lifestyle

For one small affordable payment a year, you get full and unlimited access to ALL content for a whole year!

Apart from the savings, compared to buying individual content from different vendors, you are also automatically qualified to participate in 'The HIPA.Life Program'

By simply referring your friends and family to join HIPA.Life, you have the opportunity to earn lucrative bonuses and even build a long-term passive income from it.

On the other hand, if you have no interest in participating in the program, that's fine - just enjoy the content!

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Anyone looking to seriously start an online business will need a web presence, and will therefore need to either start a blog or some sort of website.

Most people opt for the ever popular WordPress but for the non-technical person, this can also pose a huge challenge.

We have therefore decided to add a collection of pre-built websites (based on WordPress) with step-by-step guidelines on how to create your personal blog or website.

Just import one of the downloadable template sites into your hosting account and customize the menus and site structure to suit your own needs.

If you were to outsource this, it would easily cost you anything between $500 - $2000,  depending on the complexity.

Instructions are also provided if you do not have a hosting account or if you have not even secured a suitable domain name!

*** This feature is expected to be available from Q1-2020.



Apart from setting up your blog / website, you also need to have a product to sell. Physical products require shipping whereas digital products do not.

The easiest and most profitable products to sell are info-products such as eBooks or video courses.

We know most people have no clue about creating an info-product and often end up buying PLRs or MRRs to re-brand and resell, so we have also included these to the vault for your convenience.


What are PLRs and MRRs?

PLR - Private Label Rights

PLRs are usually digital info-products in the form of an eBook or a video. The info-product can be in any niche and comes with specific licensing rights.

You are usually allowed to do almost anything you like to it including:

- putting your name as the author

- changing the title and cover design

- edit the content as you see fit (including translating it into different languages)

- offer it as a bonus in an affiliate sale

- sell it as your own product at whatever price you like (sometimes a minimum is imposed) and keep 100% of the sales proceeds

- the main restriction is that you are usually NOT permitted to offer it as a PLR to another person but you can offer it with a MRR, RR, or PR license.


MRR - Master Resale Rights

MRRs have different licensing rights.

You are usually NOT allowed to do anything to the info-product except resell it "as is" with either a MRR, RR, or PR license.

- with a MRR license, you can resell the info-product to your customer with either a MRR, RR, or PR license

- with a RR (Resell Rights) license, you can resell the info-product to your customer with a PR license

- with a PR (Personal Rights) license, you have absolutely no resell rights and you can only buy it with a personal use license

- your resale price is sometimes subjected to an imposed minimum but you usually get to keep 100% of the sales proceeds

By utilizing the ready-made website templates with a niche info-product from the collection of PLRs and MRRs, you have multiple easy ways to make money.

*** PLRs and MRRs are being prepared for upload and are expected to be available starting from Q1-2020. It will be a continuous process.


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